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The current collection 'When Saturday Comes' abbreviated to 'WSC' is inspired my degree collection, essentially its a ready-to-wear version of it.

So where did this inspiration come from?

Originally it started out as the topic choice for my dissertation. I wrote about the 1980s football casual subculture. As a football fan, I find the sport fascinating, not just the game but fan culture side. I then decided to use my research from my written dissertation to inspire my debut collection.

This collection focused around several themes; numbers, female representation, casual culture and hooliganism. Essentially the collection is an exploration of football fan culture, but in a non-obvious way, which is drawn directly from the 80's casuals as they created a style that didn't originally single themselves out as football fans.

The colours I chose were also non-specific to football. Black graphic lines are seen through the collection, primarily in geometric design they also form numbers along with representing the tarnish that hooligans bring to the sport.

There you have it, a collection that celebrates football fan culture.

P.s the collection isn't aimed at football fans only inspired by, so if your not a football fan I won't tell, promise ;)

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