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LCY Designs: Welcome.....

Hi and welcome to the LCY Designs Blog, here you will find updates on what I am up to as a brand, behind the scenes snippets and information on the the clothes I create, as well as tips and tricks on how to make your garments last longer, because loved clothes last, right!

I guess I should give you a a heads up and tell you guys a bit more about the brand...

LCY Designs is a contemporary woman's wear brand, that focuses on graphic and geometric elements, with an emphasis on being season-less or 'Trans-Seasonal' if you want to be fancy, meaning I don't go along with the traditional Spring/ Summer Autumn/ Winter trends and drops.

My passions lie with conscious consumerism, slow fashion and educating customers.

I think you should love, cherish and look after your clothes like the 'good friends they are'. In order to do that I aim to create well made clothes in small batches, whilst explaining the inspiration behind the clothes and giving you behind the scenes or 'seams' (see what I did there) information.

I believe its the duty of brands and designers to ensure their customers know how to properly care for there clothes so that you can make sure your clothes last as long as possible

Finally, I absolutely love Vivienne Westwood's motto 'buy less, choose well and make it last'. Nobody needs wardrobes full of clothes (especially ones we don't wear), if you choose well, making it last and buy less it will make for more a sustainable future and much less of a throw away culture that fashion has become known for.

Feel free to come along on my LCY adventures, you can shop the current collection through our etsy shop Lcy Designs Studio or from the shop link on the website.

I am also on instagram and would love to see you there too @lcy_designs

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